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A comic contains one or more sequences. In most cases, a sequence acts like a separate chapter of your comic.

Each sequence can define different settings for scroll direction and background color. Sequences can scroll manually (with the crank or arrows), or they can animate between panels automatically by pressing a button.

Table of contents




A list of tables that define each panel in the sequence.


panels = {
        -- data for panel 1
    }, {
        -- data for panel 2
    }, {
        -- data for panel 3


default: nil

The sequence title is the text that will appear in the Chapters menu. Sequences without a title will not appear in the Chapters menu. This can be used as a method for having multiple sequences appear as a single chapter.


default: Panels.ScrollAxis.HORIZONTAL

On which axis should this sequence scroll?


  • Panels.ScrollAxis.HORIZONTAL
  • Panels.ScrollAxis.VERTICAL


default: Panels.ScrollDirection.LEFT_TO_RIGHT or TOP_DOWN

In which direction does this sequence scroll? By default horizontal sequences scroll left to right, vertical sequences scroll from top to bottom.

Setting the direction to NONE creates a sequence where panels appear directly on top of each other with no animated transition.


  • Panels.ScrollDirection.LEFT_TO_RIGHT
  • Panels.ScrollDirection.RIGHT_TO_LEFT
  • Panels.ScrollDirection.TOP_DOWN
  • Panels.ScrollDirection.BOTTOM_UP
  • Panels.ScrollDirection.NONE


default: Panels.ScrollType.MANUAL

A manually scrolling sequence moves incrementally as the user turns the crank or presses the d-pad.

An auto-scrolling sequence moves panel-by-panel as the user presses the panel’s advanceControl button or triggers the panel’s advanceControlSequence.


  • Panels.ScrollType.MANUAL
  • Panels.ScrollType.AUTO


default: nil

A table that defines background audio to play throughout all panels in this sequence.


  • file (string)
  • loop (boolean)
  • continuePrevious (boolean)
  • volume (number [0.0–1.0])

Note: the file path should be relative to your comic’s audioFolder setting.


Set a looping background song:
audio = { file = "sequence1/bgSong", loop = true, volume = 0.6 },

The loop property is false by default.

Continue audio from the previous sequence:
audio = { continuePrevious = true },

This will give you seamless background audio between sequence transitions.

It’s a good idea to define the audio file even when using continuePrevious. This will be the file that plays if a user skips directly to this sequence from the chapter menu:

audio = { continuePrevious = true, file = "sequence1/bgSong", loop = true },


default: scroll direction (d-pad)

Specifies which control advances to the next sequence from the last panel in this sequence. By default the advance control will be the d-pad direction button pointing in the sequence’s scroll direction. Left-to-right scrolling sequence will advance with the right button, a bottom-up sequence will advance with the up button, and so on.


  • Panels.Input.UP
  • Panels.Input.RIGHT
  • Panels.Input.DOWN
  • Panels.Input.LEFT
  • Panels.Input.A
  • Panels.Input.B


default: true

Set this property to false to hide the advance control indicator on the last panel of the sequence.

Note that this might be confusing for users unless an indication of the control is included somewhere in the content of the final panel itself.


default: Panels.Color.WHITE

The background color of the screen outside the bounds of your panels. Changing this property also inverts the color of the panel borders.


  • Panels.Color.WHITE
  • Panels.Color.BLACK