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Table of contents

Example Files

You can find several examples in the Panels Project Template:

  1. Simple Comic
    Create a series of panels with image layers with parallax scrolling.
  2. Animation
    Set a layer to animate across the screen as the panel scrolls, or when the user presses a specific button.
  3. Image Transitions
    Transition between two images on the same layer based on panel scroll position, or button press.
  4. Custom Functions
    Create custom render, advance, and reset functions to take over drawing and behavior of a single panel.
  5. Audio
    Play background audio for an entire sequence or a single panel. Trigger a sound effect synced with an animation.

Projects Made with Panels


The Botanist screenshot

The Botanist

An sci-fi adventure comic
by Cadin Batrack


Illumination screenshot


A free mini-comic
by Cadin Batrack